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I would first of all like to take this opportunity of sending all my clients and contacts, very best wishes as everybody starts to deal with a new way of working. (Note I’m avoiding the phrase "new normal"!)

Most of my work is with people who are caring for others and I am constantly amazed at the innovative ways people are managing to deliver services.  I hope all is going well for you and for your organisation.

Knowing how busy everybody has been, and also waiting to see whether the unlocking of restrictions in April went according to plan, I’ve slightly delayed this, my termly mailing, hoping that by the time you receive and get to read this message, things may be a little more settled for you.

Like most of you, I’ve adapted how I work in the last few months and as a result, I’m finding the virtual training is still very popular … avoiding travel costs and saving time, it has provided the opportunity for people from all over the country to meet and share ideas.  Indeed in the last few months my geographic reach has expanded into the international arena with delegates attending a Safeguarding training from as far afield as Bangladesh, Italy and London.
There are just a few items detailed below which may hopefully be of interest to you:

  • I am able to offer all of my training topics, with the exception of First Aid, either virtually or face-to-face.  If you’d like to know more about how the virtual option works, or obtain some feedback from previous virtual trainings held, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Compliance training - you will probably be aware that all extensions to First Aid certificates from the HSE and OFSTED have now expired.  Which, as you can imagine, has seen a massive influx of enquiries received for First Aid training resulting in all courses, until September are now completely fully booked.  However, I still have places available on courses that are to take place on Wednesday, 16 June (one day adult First Aid course face to face) and evenings of Thursday 10 and 24 June and 1 July (Paediatric First Aid – one session virtual and the final two face to face).  All courses are running in the Elland area.    

If you would like to reserve a place on one of these courses, please contact me as soon as possible. 
If you’re in need of courses and these days are inconvenient, please do get in touch as soon as possible. 

  • Just a reminder for my clients who work with food, that the Food Safety certificates should be renewed every three years.
  • Since January I’ve had three courses certified with the CPD service these are Delivering Virtual Training, The Role of the Safeguarding Practitioner and Introduction to Safer Recruitment.
    If these are of any interest to you and you’d like further details, please get in touch.

Can you help please … ? I have a couple of clients who we would like to send a delegate on the Designated Safeguarding Lead course and with this in mind, I would like to create a small group in the hope of running this course.  Therefore if you have anybody in your organisation who has the need or would like to attend this training, or who may be interested in this role in the future please let me know.   This would be a virtual course and could be held in the daytime or evening depending on the clients’ needs.   

Finally, as many of my clients are busy catching up with their training competencies, needs and requirements, I’m finding that a lot of dates are becoming reserved very quickly.  

Bearing in mind that hopefully most people will enjoy some form of Summer holiday this year, we are now looking at September time onwards for future bookings, therefore if you have a specific date and training needs in mind, please feel free to get in touch as I would love to talk through your requirements with you.

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Keeping up to date…

overwhelmedIt is so hard to take time to update our own knowledge. And when we do set an hour it can be so overwhelming that we spend most of the hour deciding what we should focus on!

As always there have been lots of updates in the safeguarding arena, and I have recently been updating myself.  I have put details of 3 key updates below – hopefully this will be of use to you.  You will know the importance of Working Together – I find It really useful when working with other partners so we can be clear about expectations and ways of working.

If you work in education, the update to Keeping Children Safe in Education is a must for your reading list.

Those of you who have been on my trainings will know we often talk about ‘positions of trust’ and the need to be very boundaries when working with young people.  This legislation is going to be updated – long overdue many may say!

As always, please let me know if you have any queries or if I can be of any assistance.

Up-date/guidance/report: Working Together to Safeguarding Children 2018
Where to find it:
A little bit more: This was updated in December 2020 – changes can be found at

Up-date/guidance/report: Keeping Children Safe in Education
Where to find it:
A little bit more: This was updated in December 2020 – changes can be found at

Up-date/guidance/report: Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Positions of Trust)
Where to find it: › search: ‘Sexual Offences Act 2003’ Scroll down to see the sections on abuse of position of trust. See Child abuse laws to be expanded in England and Wales - BBC News for a summary of how this is to be expanded
A little bit more: This document is up to date to 21 March 2021 but going forward there are plans to ensure Sports coaches and faith leaders who have sexual relationships with 16 and 17 year – olds in their care will be breaking the law under new legislation planned for England and Wales.

Some great new guidance!

As many of my followers know, I work right across different sectors with my training and consultancy offer. I enjoy working  with small organisations who are developing services in the not-for-profit sector. I was therefore particularly excited to see this publication from the Department of Education. It focuses on the good practice to develop when working in what we might call the ‘informal childcare’ sector. A club running after the school day, extra tuition, and so on.

I have so many queries from people who have great ideas about how to deliver services for children locally.  I always encourage them to  do some market research to look at the level of demand for their proposed services, and to scope out what already exists.  There is no point in duplicating services, or having all the out of school activities for children running at the same time each week.

Sustainability is also key – how will the idea be funded.

Once a robust idea is on the table, the next step is to check whether the services need to be registered under the OFSTED framework. If so there’s lots of guidance out there. Sometimes more challenging are those groups such as informal clubs, music groups etc. where registration is not a requirement. However it is of course essential that these are on safely and follow good practice.

This guidance gives some great tips on how to do this. It explains about responsibilities relating to safeguarding – and included some really easy to follow information about writing down procedures I was delighted to see that it suggests writing down procedures and policies even if you are very small setting.

Those who have trained with me know I’m a great believer in checking every now and then whether systems are working and the audit checklist provided is good for this.

It also highlights the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead and how this can work in a more informal setting.

The guidance can be accessed here.

As always, If I can help in anyway please do get in touch!

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COVID-19 Update Having meticulously followed the Government guidelines throughout the course of the COVID pandemic, I would like to reassure you that I am again following the current ruling and running all my training sessions in a very cautious manner, as can be exampled by quotes received from learners from over the last few months, and I continue to offer most of my trainings virtually as an option.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..