Feedback from my clients...

I work with clients from the voluntary and charitable sector, local authorities and businesses offering a variety of training including guidance a business requires (for example, first aid and safeguarding) and a wide range of development opportunities.

Some examples of my recent areas of work along with feedback are below. This is just a sample of the work I do and I would be more than happy to meet you to discuss the needs of your organisation further.

October 2023: Course for West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

All the learners attending the course felt their experience was worthwhile, it met their regulatory and personnel development needs and are now more confident to deal with fire safety situations.
They all concluded the session was well planned to meet the aim of the course, the quality of instruction was high and would recommend the course to other friends and colleagues.
Candidates best described their experience as enjoyable, more confident, motivating and inspirational.

October 2023: Equality and Diversity a Step Further Course

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October 2023: Equality Training designed to meet needs of local voluntary groups

At the end of the training, attendees were reminded this was a pilot session and were asked what had gone well:

  • Informality, not focussing too much on one thing – offered variety and case studies were helpful
  • A useful refresher and reminder – its handy going over everything quite broadly as I could pick and choose what was relevant to us
  • Love the quiz at the start (x2)
  • Contents are really great and informative
  • Concise snapshots of equality and diversity which covered the basics – a good start
  • Going through scenarios (x2)
  • What makes an inclusive culture exercise
  • Central location
  • Good snapshot and time for reflection
  • Case studies and group work – very practical and easy to understand. Can see how to implement things practically and also great to hear from other people in the group
  • Good pace
  • Jill shared her experience
  • Nice size of group
  • Good amount of content covered in correct depth for time available
  • Open discussions allowed me to learn from others.

September 2023: Emergency First Aid at Work Course

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September 2023: Feedback from a course run over 2 weeks focussing on Safeguarding in Leadership

What went well? Even better if?

  • What went well; technology was really well run and smooth.
  • Time keeping was excellent and the pace was really good. I found this course structure just right in terms of both group work and feedback, comments and leadership style. Thank you. I cannot think of anything for even better if.
  • Very swift and interaction between groups went well. Thank you!
  • Good combination of teaching and group discussion that worked well.
  • Enjoyed the breakout group discussions listening to others and sharing information.
  • Thank you! WWW learning from each other.
  • I can’t think how it could have been improved and I am grateful to the people who were willing to give feedback on group discussions.
  • Good interactions in groups. the sharing of information and experiences has been invaluable. Thank you
  • I didn’t want to come – it was marvellous, and I learnt a lot – lots of things I take for granted I have learn a lot about. Liked the breakout rooms. Good to have some of the case study up front to look at.

June 2023: Level 2 Food Safety course

This was a Level 2 Food Safety course run for a childminder and 3 groups of volunteers who prepare food as part of their roles. Feedback included:

  • Clear and informative training
  • Super trainer, so helpful with a good knowledge
  • Very clear assessment methods and very good meeting my training needs
  • The start of the session the course was clearly explained and very helpful
  • Lovely lady, nothing too much trouble - went the extra mile’

June 2023: Introduction to Safeguarding course

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June 2023: Emergency First Aid at Work Course

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May 2023: Safeguarding Level 2 training course

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March 2023: Working with Parents Level 4 training course

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March 2023: Girlguiding UK training courses

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March 2023: Emergency First Aid at Work Course

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March 2023: Paediatric First Aid Course

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February 2023: Training session with a local Community Interest Company, looking at funding bids and impact measurement

  • Really thought provoking - we needed a critical friend
  • Jill has been a fantastic presenter, very informative and detailed. Thank you Jill for your support.
  • Thanks Jill for a great session, it’s been action packed and lots of actions in place to move forward.

January 2023: Food Safety Course

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December 2022: Feedback Received From Conference Presenting ‘Safer Caring’ Training To 120 Foster Carers

  • I don’t really want to leave!
  • Absolutely great training
  • Very good and interesting
  • Handouts really helpful to read as you go along
  • Course very informative and refreshing
  • Lots of new ideas that I’ll put into practice
  • A very interactive course
  • I like that the handouts make it more interactive
  • Really engaging trainer
  • Very useful
  • Very informative
  • Very engaging course
  • Course was very well presented – very enjoyable
  • Very enjoyable and well presented course by Jill
  • Course was informative
  • Would definitely recommend this course to other people – 100%
  • Very informative and enjoyable
  • Great refresh and trainer was so helpful and engaging to the crowd
  • The trainer kept everyone very well engaged
  • Good refresher course
  • Training very informative and engaging
  • Jill is a fantastic trainer

November 2022: Working With Parents - CPD Level 4

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November 2022: Feedback Received from Emergency First Aid at Work

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October 2022: Feedback Received from Safeguarding Level 2 Course

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September 2022: Feedback Received from Paediatric First Aid Course

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September 2022: Feedback Received from Safeguarding Training on behalf of Voluntary Action Calderdale (VAC)

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August 2022: Emergency First Aid at Work Course Feedback

Planned for a workplace who wanted to update staff first aid qualifications over the summer.  There were 7 on the course and the tutor was one of my associates Greg Dunning.

Feedback comments:

  • Very good, I learned a lot thank you
  • I really learned a lot and feel a lot confident in dealing with first aid situations
  • Very helpful
  • Great course - clear and informative. Easy to follow with great handouts - thank you
  • Good course - lots of good info

Comments from the Course Organiser: Thanks again, yes it was a really good day, I've been on first aid courses before but the way Gregg taught us was ace! Easy to follow with great examples(videos) of it in use.

August 2022: Emergency First Aid at Work course

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July 2022: Food Safety Level 2 - Ambrys Cafe

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June 2022: Professional Boundaries Course

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June 2022: Trustees Training: Girlguiding Cymru

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June 2022: Safeguarding for Foster Carers, Delivered by Zoom

Please list one thing you will take away or do after today’s training

  • Safeguarding is for everyone; we all have a responsibility.
  • Re Read Safeguarding Policies
  • Safeguarding is everyone business, we all need protection.
  • TED and recording
  • I'm going to read the policy again!
  • I have learnt today is that safeguarding is not just for the children it’s for yourself and everyone needs to be safe
  • I would like to look into county lines training
  • If there’s a concern i have, act on it and don’t be afraid to voice my concerns
  • Look over handbook and we really enjoyed the group chats
  • I’m going to take away “ what if I’m right “ and just being updated
  • To be tenacious when advocating on behalf of any children in my care who I suspect require extra support…
  • Take a look at my safeguarding policy and go look at the video on YouTube

Please add any feedback after today’s training

  • Lovely to meet everyone. you are all amazing.
  • Really interactive
  • Thank you, Jill. Brilliant delivery.
  • Liked having access to more resources
  • Well done, Jill, lots of informative information
  • Reference the materials that have been showcased.
  • Thank you, its a good reminder to go back and read what we have and read new resources
  • . Fantastic training Jill thank you
  • Thank you very much for this very educative and interactive training. huge references.
  • Thank you all. A big thank you to our trainer

May 2022: Carlise Diocese Safeguarding Leadership Training Course

I was part of a team rolling out 9 safeguarding leadership training sessions to over 100 people as part of a ‘roadshow’.  We were delighted with the feedback – click here to see a summary

May 2022: Child Development Course run virtually

Please list one thing you are going to do as a result of today

  • Look up local support and share with team
  • Explore and gain a better understanding on milestones
  • Follow up Communication trust, OU free courses,
  • Look up the websites and charities that were mentioned previously.
  • Being more critical of development within assessments and bringing in more research
  • Look up the websites and read the silent guides book
  • Disseminate links, particularly communication trust, to parents
  • Use some of the statistics/ research within my assessments. today has been brilliant so thank you so much for today
  • Look into the development of the adolescent brain
  • Broaden my knowledge with extra reading
  • Check suggested the websites

How have you found the training?  What would you change? 

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm
  • GREAT COURSE – Thanks
  • Very useful, interactive, its lovely to have someone enthusiastic with a sense of humour
  • Very helpful course learnt some new things today!
  • Found the engagement brilliant, thank you! :)
  • Informative course and useful for my practice. Thank you :)
  • Very good training and group activities very useful
  • The pace of this training has been great and has made it very enjoyable to engage with. Thanks Jill!!

April 2022: Safeguarding Training For Foster Carers In Birmingham

What are you going to do as a result of this training?

  • Revisit the local safeguarding board website 
  • Be more aware
  • Keeping emotions in check when a child tells you something disturbing.
  • To check NSPCC site to look at some case reviews.
  • Revisit to NSPCC website
  • Be more aware of my local authority policy for safeguarding children also access NSPCC website
  • To check out safeguarding policy on Birmingham page and visit NSPCC about some aspects of abuse I've not known about (breast ironing)
  • Visit and check the Birmingham and NSPCC sites for info and keep a list of required contacts available and at hand. Thankyou for your time and the course content
  • Look at Birmingham safeguarding board website
  • Going to visit the websites suggested
  • Review the NSPCC site. It is always good to refresh this training because you cannot remember everything.
  • What I plan to do is look at SCIE and NSPCC sites. I have recorded the JS documentary and will watch that in the next few days. There was also a documentary on BBC2 about him.

Any immediate feedback – how have you found the session?

  • Thank you Jill, really excellent session.
  • Thank you for the great session
  • Great training, very informative
  • Thank You very informative session
  • Very friendly and open trainer, very informative.
  • Very good training
  • Very good sessions learned some new things I didn't know about.
  • Nice to meet others today as well.
  • Enjoyed the training very much. Thank you.
  • The thing the session has made me thing about is the resources that are available, such as SCIE and the importance is keeping up to date with current thinking, research and practice..
  • Appreciation to the trainer Jill - very informative lots of information and PowerPoints really useful.
  • The training was very good and the fact it was so interactive with other carers made it more engaging.

March 2022: Foster Carers Safeguarding and Child Protection Training, In chat feedback

Please identify one thing you are going to do as a result of the training tonight:

  • Use some of the weblinks to further knowledge
  • Look into my local safeguarding board
  • Already done it, looked up 'breast ironing'.
  • Watch the film suggested &  explore local authority page as well.
  • Read the safeguarding policy
  • Read the Winnicott book
  • Look through all the sections of the Berkshire Safeguarding Partnership website
  • Read the safeguarding policy
  • Read the safeguarding policy
  • Read the safeguarding policy & look at the NSPCC website
  • Regularly look at the NSPCC website and Safeguarding board, policy.
  • Reflect on ways to develop my professional judgement further, factors that play into that and to reflect back with my team at work as we use it there too
  • Research NSPCC website and watch a documentary on county lines
  • Look at the West Berkshire safeguarding children partnership
  • Read through legislations and EHRC
  • Develop reflective practice to improve my professional judgement. Accept that I am not always right!!!
  • Read all notes and check policy again

How did you find the session?

  • Jill, this training was absolutely spot on!!! You were great!!!!! Perfect in every respect.
  • Good training session Jill, lots of discussion and useful information/links
  • Really clear, dynamic training which kept us all engaged. Good clear sections covered with pointers to further resources.
  • Thank you for a interesting & refreshing evening
  • Thanks Jill.  It was a very interesting and informative evening.  The links are going to be really helpful and it was excellent refresher.
  • Very interesting course
  • Thank you Jill. A well organised and most interesting and informative training session.
  • Very invigorating, particularly appreciated Berkshire West LSCB, 'breast ironing' &updated keeping children safe in education.  many thanks
  • Jill has been very clear in delivering the safeguarding course. Was very informative and helped us look at certain things from a different angle and perspective.

March 2022: Feedback from day run for team day with University staff using Team Management Profile

What has gone well today?

  • Getting to know others in the team better
  • Bringing sub teams together to reflect on how they link
  • Lots of useful short, sharp activities – mixing up groups – FAB session
  • Short snappy activities – this kept us engaged especially in the afternoon
  • Finding out more about how the individuals you don’t work with day to day and how they can help you
  • Definite feeling of the team growing closer together/getting to know each other
  • A great day to get to know the team better.  I love the time to think and reflect thank you!
  • Looking at whole team profile and what this means for how you work together/differently.

February 2022: Series of one hour virtual sessions run for staff in an organisation – recognising and managing stress

Over 70 staff attended 6 sessions and feedback included:

  • I’ve enjoyed hearing how other people manage their stress and also understanding each other a bit better
  • Was fantastic, learnt different ideas to manage my own stress, better understanding of each other
  • I found the eating an elephant method very useful and will definitely use it!
  • Having open and honest conversation about stress and what causes it and how we can deal with it was useful
  • Really interesting and useful to know what to look out for
  • Nice reflective session

January 2022: Child Development and Managing Behaviour course

Read a PDF with feedback from this course.

Click here to read feedback from previous years

2022 Compliance course analysis for ITC (awarding body) courses

  • 74 forms returned
  • 99% of learners scored the course overall at 5 out of 5
  • 100% of learners found the trainer to be approachable
  • 100% of learners thought the trainer was knowledgeable

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