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December 2022: Feedback Received From Conference Presenting ‘Safer Caring’ Training To 120 Foster Carers

  • I don’t really want to leave!
  • Absolutely great training
  • Very good and interesting
  • Handouts really helpful to read as you go along
  • Course very informative and refreshing
  • Lots of new ideas that I’ll put into practice
  • A very interactive course
  • I like that the handouts make it more interactive
  • Really engaging trainer
  • Very useful
  • Very informative
  • Very engaging course
  • Course was very well presented – very enjoyable
  • Very enjoyable and well presented course by Jill
  • Course was informative
  • Would definitely recommend this course to other people – 100%
  • Very informative and enjoyable
  • Great refresh and trainer was so helpful and engaging to the crowd
  • The trainer kept everyone very well engaged
  • Good refresher course
  • Training very informative and engaging
  • Jill is a fantastic trainer

November 2022: Working With Parents - CPD Level 4

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November 2022: Feedback Received from Emergency First Aid at Work

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October 2022: Feedback Received from Safeguarding Level 2 Course

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September 2022: Feedback Received from Paediatric First Aid Course

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September 2022: Feedback Received from Safeguarding Training on behalf of Voluntary Action Calderdale (VAC)

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August 2022: Emergency First Aid at Work Course Feedback

Planned for a workplace who wanted to update staff first aid qualifications over the summer.  There were 7 on the course and the tutor was one of my associates Greg Dunning.

Feedback comments:

  • Very good, I learned a lot thank you
  • I really learned a lot and feel a lot confident in dealing with first aid situations
  • Very helpful
  • Great course - clear and informative. Easy to follow with great handouts - thank you
  • Good course - lots of good info

Comments from the Course Organiser: Thanks again, yes it was a really good day, I've been on first aid courses before but the way Gregg taught us was ace! Easy to follow with great examples(videos) of it in use.

August 2022: Emergency First Aid at Work course

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July 2022: Food Safety Level 2 - Ambrys Cafe

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June 2022: Professional Boundaries Course

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June 2022: Trustees Training: Girlguiding Cymru

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June 2022: Safeguarding for Foster Carers, Delivered by Zoom

Please list one thing you will take away or do after today’s training

  • Safeguarding is for everyone; we all have a responsibility.
  • Re Read Safeguarding Policies
  • Safeguarding is everyone business, we all need protection.
  • TED and recording
  • I'm going to read the policy again!
  • I have learnt today is that safeguarding is not just for the children it’s for yourself and everyone needs to be safe
  • I would like to look into county lines training
  • If there’s a concern i have, act on it and don’t be afraid to voice my concerns
  • Look over handbook and we really enjoyed the group chats
  • I’m going to take away “ what if I’m right “ and just being updated
  • To be tenacious when advocating on behalf of any children in my care who I suspect require extra support…
  • Take a look at my safeguarding policy and go look at the video on YouTube

Please add any feedback after today’s training

  • Lovely to meet everyone. you are all amazing.
  • Really interactive
  • Thank you, Jill. Brilliant delivery.
  • Liked having access to more resources
  • Well done, Jill, lots of informative information
  • Reference the materials that have been showcased.
  • Thank you, its a good reminder to go back and read what we have and read new resources
  • . Fantastic training Jill thank you
  • Thank you very much for this very educative and interactive training. huge references.
  • Thank you all. A big thank you to our trainer

May 2022: Carlise Diocese Safeguarding Leadership Training Course

I was part of a team rolling out 9 safeguarding leadership training sessions to over 100 people as part of a ‘roadshow’.  We were delighted with the feedback – click here to see a summary

May 2022: Child Development Course run virtually

Please list one thing you are going to do as a result of today

  • Look up local support and share with team
  • Explore and gain a better understanding on milestones
  • Follow up Communication trust, OU free courses,
  • Look up the websites and charities that were mentioned previously.
  • Being more critical of development within assessments and bringing in more research
  • Look up the websites and read the silent guides book
  • Disseminate links, particularly communication trust, to parents
  • Use some of the statistics/ research within my assessments. today has been brilliant so thank you so much for today
  • Look into the development of the adolescent brain
  • Broaden my knowledge with extra reading
  • Check suggested the websites

How have you found the training?  What would you change? 

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm
  • GREAT COURSE – Thanks
  • Very useful, interactive, its lovely to have someone enthusiastic with a sense of humour
  • Very helpful course learnt some new things today!
  • Found the engagement brilliant, thank you! :)
  • Informative course and useful for my practice. Thank you :)
  • Very good training and group activities very useful
  • The pace of this training has been great and has made it very enjoyable to engage with. Thanks Jill!!

April 2022: Safeguarding Training For Foster Carers In Birmingham

What are you going to do as a result of this training?

  • Revisit the local safeguarding board website 
  • Be more aware
  • Keeping emotions in check when a child tells you something disturbing.
  • To check NSPCC site to look at some case reviews.
  • Revisit to NSPCC website
  • Be more aware of my local authority policy for safeguarding children also access NSPCC website
  • To check out safeguarding policy on Birmingham page and visit NSPCC about some aspects of abuse I've not known about (breast ironing)
  • Visit and check the Birmingham and NSPCC sites for info and keep a list of required contacts available and at hand. Thankyou for your time and the course content
  • Look at Birmingham safeguarding board website
  • Going to visit the websites suggested
  • Review the NSPCC site. It is always good to refresh this training because you cannot remember everything.
  • What I plan to do is look at SCIE and NSPCC sites. I have recorded the JS documentary and will watch that in the next few days. There was also a documentary on BBC2 about him.

Any immediate feedback – how have you found the session?

  • Thank you Jill, really excellent session.
  • Thank you for the great session
  • Great training, very informative
  • Thank You very informative session
  • Very friendly and open trainer, very informative.
  • Very good training
  • Very good sessions learned some new things I didn't know about.
  • Nice to meet others today as well.
  • Enjoyed the training very much. Thank you.
  • The thing the session has made me thing about is the resources that are available, such as SCIE and the importance is keeping up to date with current thinking, research and practice..
  • Appreciation to the trainer Jill - very informative lots of information and PowerPoints really useful.
  • The training was very good and the fact it was so interactive with other carers made it more engaging.

March 2022: Foster Carers Safeguarding and Child Protection Training, In chat feedback

Please identify one thing you are going to do as a result of the training tonight:

  • Use some of the weblinks to further knowledge
  • Look into my local safeguarding board
  • Already done it, looked up 'breast ironing'.
  • Watch the film suggested &  explore local authority page as well.
  • Read the safeguarding policy
  • Read the Winnicott book
  • Look through all the sections of the Berkshire Safeguarding Partnership website
  • Read the safeguarding policy
  • Read the safeguarding policy
  • Read the safeguarding policy & look at the NSPCC website
  • Regularly look at the NSPCC website and Safeguarding board, policy.
  • Reflect on ways to develop my professional judgement further, factors that play into that and to reflect back with my team at work as we use it there too
  • Research NSPCC website and watch a documentary on county lines
  • Look at the West Berkshire safeguarding children partnership
  • Read through legislations and EHRC
  • Develop reflective practice to improve my professional judgement. Accept that I am not always right!!!
  • Read all notes and check policy again

How did you find the session?

  • Jill, this training was absolutely spot on!!! You were great!!!!! Perfect in every respect.
  • Good training session Jill, lots of discussion and useful information/links
  • Really clear, dynamic training which kept us all engaged. Good clear sections covered with pointers to further resources.
  • Thank you for a interesting & refreshing evening
  • Thanks Jill.  It was a very interesting and informative evening.  The links are going to be really helpful and it was excellent refresher.
  • Very interesting course
  • Thank you Jill. A well organised and most interesting and informative training session.
  • Very invigorating, particularly appreciated Berkshire West LSCB, 'breast ironing' &updated keeping children safe in education.  many thanks
  • Jill has been very clear in delivering the safeguarding course. Was very informative and helped us look at certain things from a different angle and perspective.

March 2022: Feedback from day run for team day with University staff using Team Management Profile

What has gone well today?

  • Getting to know others in the team better
  • Bringing sub teams together to reflect on how they link
  • Lots of useful short, sharp activities – mixing up groups – FAB session
  • Short snappy activities – this kept us engaged especially in the afternoon
  • Finding out more about how the individuals you don’t work with day to day and how they can help you
  • Definite feeling of the team growing closer together/getting to know each other
  • A great day to get to know the team better.  I love the time to think and reflect thank you!
  • Looking at whole team profile and what this means for how you work together/differently.

February 2022: Series of one hour virtual sessions run for staff in an organisation – recognising and managing stress

Over 70 staff attended 6 sessions and feedback included:

  • I’ve enjoyed hearing how other people manage their stress and also understanding each other a bit better
  • Was fantastic, learnt different ideas to manage my own stress, better understanding of each other
  • I found the eating an elephant method very useful and will definitely use it!
  • Having open and honest conversation about stress and what causes it and how we can deal with it was useful
  • Really interesting and useful to know what to look out for
  • Nice reflective session

January 2022: Child Development and Managing Behaviour course

Read a PDF with feedback from this course.

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November 2021: feedback from series of 5 one day first aid courses run for support staff at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Read a PDF with feedback from this series.

November 2021: feedback from Food Safety Courses that were held on 6th and 10th November

Read a PDF summary of feedback from 6th Nov.
Read a PDF summary of feedback from 10th Nov.

October 2021: Selection of comments from managers following 2 sessions on managing stress in their teams…

  • I found the training really useful and interesting, I have already taken on board some of the tips detailed in the course.
  • Great course enjoyed it. Better than I thought it would be. Only problem I was having was with Zoom!!
  • I really enjoyed the first session it was really engaging and interesting. The second session it was hard to keep my attention but there was loads in it!
  • Great to have the chance to join in a session and share in the discussions.
  • Really enjoyed it a lot. Learnt a few things. Thank you.
  • Great course. Thank you.
  • Time to reflect on own management style.
  • Some good ideas to take back and implement in supervisions.
  • More mindful about my own stress and others and how to support with this.
  • Found the course very useful and enjoyed this.

October 2021: Team Management Profile Course Feedback

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August 2021: Feedback from Level 2 Working in Childcare course joint tutored with my associate Gaye

  • Excellent training, very thorough and clear. Logical progression
  • Trainer was able to explain difficult concepts with examples
  • The assessment methods provided with support and information if something didn't make sense
  • Very impressed with the depth of information I learnt in such a short space of time
  • Brilliant training - so well run!
  • The trainer was great, so lovely and kind - always willing to help
  • The tutor was always willing to help, always making sure we were all OK
  • Gaye was amazing! Very informative! Such a lovely person!
  • Lovely lady
  • Very helpful trainer, always explained everything.

July / August 2021: First Aid at Work Course Feedback

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July 2021: Safeguarding Level 2 Course Feedback

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July 2021: Team Management Profile Course Feedback

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June and July 2021: Working in Childcare Level 2 Course Feedback

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June 2021: Emergency First Aid at Work Course Feedback

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June 2021: Feedback from virtual training ‘Managing Allegations’  for foster carers

  • Thank you Jill. Great pace to the training and engaging.
  • Great course, enjoyed it,
  • Been good to through the processes and thoughts of how to safeguard in future
  • Thanks for everything the training was really informative would recommend to others
  • Thank you
  • Really good pace and covered a lot of information, thank you and sorry about the internet issues!
  • I've enjoyed the interactivity, I have not adapted too well to Webinar training but have enjoyed this session. Thank you
  • Great training Jill - kept us engaged. Always like the ideas sharing in the groups. Would have been interested to cover timelines - are there any aimed for standards? Also good to think about what’s my strategy if an allegation is made. Thanks again.

May 2021: Feedback from safeguarding trainers for foster carers held on on zoom

  • Thank you Jill for making this zoom training so engaging and lively.
  • Thank you for today Jill, great training.
  • Thank you Jill, we both enjoyed the session, very informative and helpful recap.
  • Disclosure little film was really helpful - just a good reminder to really pay attention.
  • Thank you everyone, Jill you are amazing.
  • Thank you Jill. Great training, very positive lady, very engaging and NO jargon!
  • Really good clear and well presented thank you very much.
  • I did this course a few weeks back,but it was good to redo as I did find out new things.
  • I have found  the course a real refresher and new things that are now being told to us thank you.
  • First training I’ve done on Zoom (although done many meetings!), and it’s been helpful and engaging. The disclosure section was useful - not covered this in any previous safefuarding training.

April 2021: Feedback Received from Paediatric First Aid Course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Feedback from a management team who I supported over the period of a year through use of the Team Management Profile and team and individual coaching sessions

Feedback from senior manager:

  • I would like to thank you for all your work and support with [person's name removed for confidentiality] and the team, I think it worked really well, from me giving you an overview of their development needs as well as input from the manager, with you giving me little updates along the way. It was really useful for me to talk to team members about the sessions you had done with them and about how they would put the learning into practice, and they have given me examples where they have done this. They have clearly benefited from the work you have done. I think having the review session which I came to worked really well and definitely should be part of the process. 

From team members:

  • From my end, I have really enjoyed all of our sessions – the hours have flown by!  In particular the opportunity to talk through issues and challenges with someone who is so experienced and insightful. You quickly understand the crux of the problem and then give excellent advice, making it feel really practical by relating it to your own experiences. I think that is the best bit of your training offer – how human it feels. I can’t think of anything I’d improve – its all been really beneficial for us as a management team.
  • Everything we did especially the 1 to 1 sessions were really useful - discussing the work issues and the way forward were really good and beneficial I can’t think of anything we could have done better.

March 2021: Introduction to Management - Shepley Pre School

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

March 2021: Feedback from Day 1 of a Paediatric First Aid course run virtually

  • Really enjoyed it Jill, thank you! It was really interactive, no suggestions!
  • Really enjoyed all of the interaction and discussions in small groups. You’ve really kept it interesting throughout, thank you very much!!
  • This session has been great full of information and I have enjoyed taking part in group activities to develop my knowledge further. Thankyou
  • Friendly and easy to understand. Thank you
  • Jolly delivering of a serious topic, very clear instructions, broken up with small activities, as interactive as it could possibly be. It's a hard day doing it virtual, but gone very well considering the circumstances

March 2021: Feedback Received from Paediatric First Aid Course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

March 2021: Zoom Train the Trainer - Cummins

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

From a student who completed Level 2 in Childcare:

Just thought I'd let you know since doing your level 2 child care I have since passed my level 3 health and social care and now doing the first year of social and community work degree. You really helped me get back in for leaning and if I hadn't have done it I wouldn’t be where I am now so I am very grateful and thank you.

March 2021: Emergency First Aid at Work Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Quote from 2 childminders who renewed their paediatric first aid during the most recent lockdown..

We both really enjoyed the course and think we picked up more from this one that would enable us to help at a practical level than previous ones - which is what is what I think it is really all about. As you said at the time its about '1st aid' - the professionals provide the '2nd aid'!

February 2021: Feedback Received from Paediatric First Aid Course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

February 2021: Feedback from first Level 3 Safeguarding course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

January 2021: Safeguarding for Trustees - Friends of Dorothy

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

February 2021: Feedback from virtual Positive Parenting session for foster carers held by Zoom

  • Great trainer.
  • Well done
  • Thanks  great understanding trainer
  • Thank you very much.
  • Very helpful
  • Thank you.  good to remind ourselves to think before reacting to situations
  • Found this training course very informative. Very clear and not too tedious. Very good to communicate with others and get other peoples opinions. Well done Jill and thank you.
  • Very lively course and easy to follow. I have really enjoyed the training and have some very important tips to help my parenting. Thank you very much Jill

January 2021: Feedback Received from Paediatric First Aid

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Feedback from Designated Safeguarding Lead Training run virtually 07.01.2021

  • Great training
  • Interactive and very informative.
  • Great training Jill, very informative & great to share information
  • Thank you Jill
  • Thank you Jill... really good training...
  • You're great Jill. I really enjoyed your creativeness with group participation whilst using Zoom!!
  • Amazing, informative, very enjoyable, thanks
  • Great Training

Feedback from first Level 3 Safeguarding course run virtually, December 2020

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

December 2020: Feedback Received from Paediatric First Aid

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

November 2020: First Day of a Paediatric Frist Aid course run as a blended course doing day 1 via Zoom

  • I have really enjoyed the small groups you put is in
  • I found it helpful everyone having chance to contribute
  • It was brill thanks everyone
  • Thank you so much
  • It’s been really interesting and helpful I’ve learnt lots of things
  • Thanks, group work was good and video explained everything well.
  • Thank you Jill it has been very useful and interesting
  • Thank you lot better than I expected it to be
  • Thank you so much I really enjoyed it
  • Really enjoyed today very well delivered, thank you

November 2020: Half day virtual safeguarding training for staff team from a large charity

  • Thank you, really good training
  • Thank you so much for a great training!!!
  • Thank You Jill one of the best training courses I have been on.  Certainly the best safeguarding course! Very thought provoking.
  • I'm so impressed with how you've adapted this training to virtual
  • Thank you for great training

November 2020: Designated Safeguarding Lead Training by Zoom

  • Great and informative training - Thanks Jill
  • Great use of time, concise and fun and lovely to see others
  • Amazing training very useful lovely lady
  • I think it was engaging
  • Good informative session and really honest discussions by all
  • Thank you. Very informative.

October 2020: Zoom session held for childcare settings to look at business' challenges post COVID

Informal feedback at the end:

  • Really useful course. Helpful to speak with another setting about worries and issues. would definitely recommend to others
  • Thank you for delivering the training! It was nice to have a small group to be able to have more of a discussion. Great to talk through current issues and how we're dealing with them as well as other settings. Thank you!

September 2020: Feedback from Allegations Management course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

September 2020: Feedback from a child development virtual training session for a local authority

  • Really positive to have a small group and therefore more conversation. Will take more confidence forward in terms of stages of development - thank you
  • Thank You the training has been really useful and interesting. I will be going to do some reading of the books which have been suggested.
  • One thing I am going to do is do more research on milestones, particularly refreshing when working with a new child
  • I have enjoyed the session it has been great to get a refresher on child development and feel confident to implement and read up on the suggested books.
  • Thank you Jill :) One thing I will carry forward is to be more actively aware of children's development and passing concerns forward to social workers/relevant professionals if there is something I pick up on to make sure it has been raised. I have really enjoyed the training and it's been nice to have a small group and talk to everyone
  • Going to read the book The Silent Guide. The session was informative and interactive. Thank you.
  • I liked it being such a small group and the breakout rooms is a good way to still be able to learn a lot from other people's knowledge and experiences
  • Jill I thought you were really engaging and talking to different people and getting different perspectives was really useful. I am going to do some more reading and research round adolescent development to support my evidence based practice.

September 2020: Emergency First Aid at Work Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Working in Childcare Course Feedback - March - September 2020

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Feedback Received from Paediatric First Aid: First blended course run August 2020 - 2 three hour sessions run by Zoom and then one day face to face

How did participants find it?


  • I much preferred to do the course over Zoom as I took more in.  It can be a lot of information all at once so splitting it up really helped
  • Jill really helped to understand an talk through everything – thank you
  • I preferred the Zoom sessions and then a face to face session on the Saturday
  • I enjoyed the Zoom part and just one Saturday!
  • This is the first First Aid course I’ve attended but I think half Zoom and half face to face would be better for me
  • I feel the Zoom training was great, very ideal.  Prefer half Zoom and one Saturday
  • I liked it half/half as it breaks it up for everyone (slower)
  • Really pleased with the Zoom half.  Jill did a mixture of things to keep us engaged – breakout rooms, white board, YouTube videos. Jill was fun and engaging. The Saturday session – Jill was very interactive which helped me remember the contents.

Designated Safeguarding Lead Course Feedback, August 2020

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Paediatric First Aid Course Feedback, August 2020

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Feedback Received From Coaching Sessions: Summer 2020

  • I really enjoyed yesterday's session on resilience and it made me do a lot of refection.  Many thanks again.
  • Thank you for yesterday’s session. I found it really interesting.  
    Thank you very much for the session…I was apprehensive when I saw only three of us…
    Really positive, lively and informative…
  • Could you send me the slides for this morning's webinar about boundaries - really interesting session btw. Thanks 
    Thanks for doing the session on professional boundaries, it was really useful!
    Thank you very much for today's session, it was very helpful.  Thank you again for being such a great coach! I've really enjoyed your sessions that have been informative and fun. 
  • I found using the SWOT model at the beginning of the course really useful with gathering my thoughts and with goal setting and STAR model, I applied when reflecting.
  • It has been enlightening looking at how we could revamp our interview skills and starting to think about putting ones best foot forward, dealing with nerves and understanding little clues that could create false first impressions.
  • I have thought deeply about reflection and resilience given that Social Work involves using both skills in our every day working/ life and would like to read more around research on how these two interact outside the social Work field for a wider perspective.
  • The Coaching sessions have been stimulating and delivery has been encouraging.
  • Thank you for a brilliant Coaching Session. I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the session.
  • I really enjoyed the session. 

Parenting Teenagers Course Feedback, July 2020

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Feedback from first Level 3 Safeguarding course run virtually, June 2020

  • I found it a great course to undertake. I did actually think that it would be a good refresher but couldn’t believe how much I learnt. It was so lovely also to be part of a small group. 
  • Some of the training I’ve attended recently have had 100+ people on and it’s too many. 
  • Thank you for making it enjoyable. 
  • I thought the course was great, gave me lots of additional knowledge that will be of benefit to me in my role.
  • The training was really good, and it was interesting to see you developing your understanding of the technology!  Particularly good was the beginning where you checked out what we already knew and the structure overall and loved the contextual safeguarding and actually thought we had quite a good conversation.
  • Course worked really well for me, and I found it really useful and can certain use it when delivering other training, only issue I have was sound problems that were mine not yours!
  • Thank you for offering us places on the course. I found it interesting, useful and well worth doing.
  • Doing it virtually  may not be the same as face to face but I felt it was a good experience – and was covered in 6 hours rather than 6 hours plus the travelling.
  • In practical terms it was a good mix of activities.
  • Even when face to face trainings can resume I think this option will attract some people depending on their other circumstances.

Feedback from Safeguarding Level 2, held virtually, June 2020

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Feedback from Working With Parents, Level 4, June 2020

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Feedback from Level 2 Safeguarding Course held virtually, May 2020

  • Thanks for the course Jill, that was very useful.
  • The course flowed well and at no point did it seem to drag.
  • I felt your manner to learners was supportive and at no point did I feel you were being patronising. 
  • I think I can best sum my comments up by saying that if I knew anyone wanting that sort of training, I'd unhesitatingly recommend you.

First Aid Refresher Course run virtually May 2020

  • Thanks, the course has been brilliant – thank you very much.
  • I was impressed by the way the course was run using Zoom.  I enjoyed the course and the trainers, thank you.

Feedback from a virtual training session

I have been working hard to adapt my delivery in light of the COVID 19 situation. I can now offer the majority of my trainings and consultancy virtually. This is with a small group of up to 12 learners and myself and is very interactive. Watch below to see what one learner thought of their experience…

Feedback from a blended paediatric first aid course – 3 sessions run face to face and one virtually

  • Hi Jill I really enjoyed learning about resuscitation and how to perform CPR, as well as getting to practice on dummies.  The whole Course was extremely helpful and I feel more confident should a situation occur.  There were no negatives, it was all very insightful.
  • I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for such a brilliant Course.  The content, pace, level of interaction and delivery were the highlights for me.  I never felt bored or uninterested on any of the sessions. 
    The virtual session worked really well, thank you to all involved for arranging this so we could complete our Course. 
    I really did enjoy the time I spent learning so thank you again.
  • You do deserve our thanks and gratitude as the Course has been thoroughly helpful.  Hope to see you again soon for further learning.
  • Think everyone else will agree that you deserve our thanks and gratitude for delivering the Course.   It was very enjoyable and you made it a great balance of fun whilst also learning a valuable skill to have.
  • A huge thank you for putting yourself out in order for us to complete, you were so lovely and you made it a really enjoyable experience.

Feedback from a shortened virtual first aid refresher course for a staff team working out in the community through the coronavirus period

  • I enjoyed the course and I feel that if I am required to give First Aid over the next few weeks, I will be more effective than I would have been without the course that you delivered. I think this is a positive response to the unique challenges of delivering full refreshers at the moment
  • I really enjoyed this training. I understand the need for the full training on the dummies to experience the chest compressions etc but this style refresher training was a breath of fresh air!
  • I enjoyed the small group so everyone had a chance to speak and we did not have a travel.
  • You as a trainer were animated, fun and informative. Some training sessions can become boring as they go on and are long but not with this course.
  • It was full, to the point, fun and it added on more learning for me. I got a lot from the training which you don’t normally get from refresher training.
  • Thanks for running the training it was absolutely brilliant and personally I found it much more engaging and memorable than previous First Aid courses that I have attended. You made the training interesting and the video link was a new way of delivering the session but worked amazingly well. I liked that you used the training dummy and could demonstrate some aspects on screen. I also liked that we were put into the lobbies to work together on some aspects. Honestly would not change anything. I think the length of training was perfect and liked that you asked us as a group for any specifics we wanted to cover.

March 2020: Working in Childcare, Essential First Aid course feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

March 2020: Emergency First Aid at Work Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

March 2020: Emergency First Aid at Work Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

March 2020: Feedback from safeguarding session run for 12 staff who work with young people

  • I have learned what has been updated and it was a very engaging and inclusive session
  • I understand how each organisation might have different processes and what to do if I am worried about a child or staff member
  • It was really useful to know what you could say if a child or young person makes a disclosure to you
  • I feel I am more aware to look out for what young people might say to me
  • It was good to do session with my staff and check we all have the same understanding of what to do when we are concerned
  • Today I learnt when to escalate my concerns and who to.

February 2020: Paediatric First Aid Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

February 2020: NHP Cookery Course Feedback Summary Overview

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

January 2020

Training for 19 foster carers looking at the process for Managing Allegations and developing practice around this. Feedback was very positive, and specific comments included:

  • I’ve been a carer for 29 years but first time I’ve done this type of course it was excellent!
  • Very enjoyable with a knowledgeable and approachable trainer
  • Jill did an exceptional job she was clear concise knowledgeable and professional
  • Very informative course training made you feel relaxed and able to participate in activities
  • Overall very good with good balance of task and discussion good idea To go away with action plan.

January 2020: First Aid Refresher Course at a School

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

January 2020: Advanced Safeguarding Level 3 Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

January 2020: QA Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

January 2020: Paediatric First Aid Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

January 2020: One day Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course Feedback

7 candidates attended the course and all were asked:

  • When planning training, what should we keep on doing?
  • What should we change?


When planning training, what should we keep on doing?

  • Making learning fun
  • Keep the practical approach
  • Keep the friendly approach
  • The clear instructions and support
  • Good to divide into smaller groups for practicals
  • Packed with loads of useful information
  • Keep on learning through fun!

What should we change?

  • Encourage people to come on the 2 day course as I wish I had done that!

Click here to read feedback from previous years

December 2019: EFAW Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

December 2019: Level 2 Food Safety

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

November 2019: EFAW Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

November 2019: EFAW Course Feedback (2)

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

November 2019: Paediatric First Aid course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Level 2 Working in Childcare feedback from first cohort 2019

  • The Course was so worthwhile.
  • It was great that the Childcare Level 2 was completed in just 6 weeks.
  • Great parenting, employment and self help courses that are a lifeline for many parents such as myself.
  • Jill Webb was knowledgeable and provided a great course.
  • I hope there are further childcare, confidence/assertive and family learning courses I can attend as they are vital
  • Really enjoyed the course.
  • Would prefer to do more work as that helps me learn
  • The Course was great to help study, not only childcare but also First Aid and Safeguarding while working around my child.
  • The trainer was really approachable and welcoming every session. Made each week a lot better to have a trainer who is nice.
  • The course has been a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop skills in a career I am keen to start in.
  • I've learned so much in 6 weeks and feel confident that when I apply for a job, I can take skills learned on this course with me and hopefully go on to become part of fantastic team in childcare
  • I have really enjoyed my time on the course, I have learned a lot that I didn't know before. I would really like to do Level 3
  • I would like to learn Level 3 Childcare and that would be good idea to develop my skills
  • This Course was very helpful and explained a lot
  • Really enjoyed L2 Childcare - Jill is great and knowledgeable.
  • Loved every minute of the course. Met some lovely people. Learned new skills that will help me for the future.
  • Gave me motivation to get back into work. I would of happy enough done everyday on the course instead of every Thursday
  • The information on Childcare is very useful and has helped me to become more observant and understanding of each individual child.
  • The knowledge has helped me to become understanding on what I want to do to help me main to become better in myself and to be able to help children
  • Excellent view of different topics of childrens' needs
  • I really enjoyed the course, learned everything I need to work in Childcare, I have a lot more knowledge to apply for a job
  • Thank you so much! I have really enjoyed the Course and learned so much.
  • Enjoyed the pace of the course and the content
  • The Course was short but effective 6 weeks and was a good length of time.
  • The subjects we learned about were all useful and relevant to the Course.
  • Jill was very helpful and friendly teacher and explained everything in depth and kept the course fun.
  • I learned a lot more than expected especially with different jobs available
  • I really enjoyed the courses and think the evening classes are fab as I work during the day and have 2 children
  • I was impressed with the course organisation and running of it.
  • It was very informative and showed me the different roles and settings available along with the legalities, touching upon job applications
  • The course was interesting and the course leader made it understandable and easy to process even when it was quite tricky information
  • Great course - would defo recommend!
  • Jill is great!
  • Much harder than expected but covered a lot of ground and feel like I have really benefited from the Course
  • Very happy to evening option was offered, although Thursday ended up being a very long day!
  • I would have preferred more work experience, but happy about the shorter commitment of 6-12 hours - a double edged sword!

Safeguarding and Best Practice course: September 2019

I attended the Safeguarding and Best Practice course given by Jill Webb as part of my ongoing training with a local CIC I am involved with. As somebody who believes passionately about protecting those who are most vulnerable in our societies I am always willing to attend these sessions because you just never know when you will next find yourself in a situation where your safeguarding course gives you the knowledge and confidence to be in a position to look after those who are not capable of doing so.
I thoroughly enjoyed Jill’s presentation and the people I met on this course were all just as passionate about looking after our most at risk groups as myself. A fabulous way to meet people in different settings to the company I work with. Lots of new connections made. Thank you Jill for a really well informed session.

MH (Experience Community CIC)

September 2019: Working With Parents - Level 4

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

September 2019: Using the Team Management Profile

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

July 2019: Advanced Safeguarding

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

July 2019: Level 2 Food Safety

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

July 2019: NHP Professional Boundaries training

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

July 2019: Working In Childcare First Aid course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

July 2019: Paediatric First Aid course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

June 2019: Working In Childcare Safeguarding L2 course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

June 2019: Paediatric First Aid course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

June 2019: Introduction to Safeguarding

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

June 2019: Level 2 Food Safety

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

June 2019: Food Safety

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

June 2019: Attachment, resilience and self esteem training

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Deaf Student Solutions

Deaf Student Solutions created an online training package to meet DSA-QAG standards. Jill Webb has overseen the training and provided us with feedback to help us to ensure that it is of CPD accredited standard, overseeing and ensuring the content’s quality. With her guidance and notes our training has now been CPD certified and rolled out to staff.

Jill has also provided us with feedback on our policies and procedures to ensure that these are consistent with the training content and up to date with current legislation.

Having had Jill’s input has made us confident that our training, policies and procedures are of a high standard and meet the standards required by our regulator.

It has been great working with Jill, she is approachable and ready to help whenever we needed her.

Feedback from staff:

  • "It wasn’t at all arduous, quite enjoyed doing it actually"
  • "This training was designed and presented really well. It was a lot more manageable than some of these online training I've completed recently!"

May 2019: Paediatric First Aid course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Feedback from a client who attended a one day first aid at work course: 

Hi Jill, You recently conducted an emergency first aid course which I attended.  You may recall I asked you at the end of the session about diabetic hypo and hyper. Would you believe that just last week whilst on holiday in the lake district I had to attend to a hypo. His levels went down to 1.4. We had the defib out ready and I was surprised about how calm I felt about the prospect of having to use it (that could well have changed had I actually had to go through with it) due to your tuition. I managed to get his level up to 1.5 through Lucozade but he kept fleetingly going unresponsive. The first responders came and so did the ambulance so they took it from there. 

April 2019: Team Management Profile Evaluation Overview

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

April 2019: EFAW Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

April 2019: Safeguarding Level 2 Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

March 2019: Food Safety Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

March 2019

Feedback from a client who had been part of a group attending a first aid course. This group had little prior knowledge and it was positive to see how encouraged they were by the teaching style:

Thank you for the good course, it was quite intense work for the brain to take it all in and I was in need of a good rest when I came home!  I also wanted to say as a small personal feedback that you explained things in a really excellent way at the beginning of the day but later on, I think our brains were a bit overloaded and I noticed that some other people, who just like me, were a bit confused about instructions. Thank you for taking into account tired brains in the afternoon and going in small clear steps so one doesn’t feel overwhelmed.  I admit that with all my questions I may have added a bit to the overload and apologise for being so eager and keen to learn this seriously!

February 2019 Social Media Training Course Feedback

Read the morning feedback here.
Read the afternoon feedback here.

February 2019 Food Safety Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

February 2019: EFAW Course Feedback

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

February 2019: Team Management Profile Evaluation Overview

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

December 2018: Team Management Profile Evaluation Overview

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

December 2018: Advanced Safeguarding course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

Customer Service Workshop run for 24 staff from a number of customer service bases

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

November 2018: Paediatric First Aid course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

November 2018: Food Safety course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

October 2018: Emergency First Aid at Work course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

October 2018: Advanced Safeguarding course

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

September 2018: Working with Able Training to run Qualsafe Level 2 Safeguarding Children and Young people course

2 cohorts ran with 100% success

1) Cohort of 6 workers from a variety of social care settings. All scored the course as ‘very good; or ‘excellent’ and comments included:

  • Excellent delivery – interesting!
  • Really informative – really enjoyed
  • An enjoyable course thank you
  • Really enjoyed this very informative
  • Extremely informative course.

2) Group of 9 learners, all rated the training as very good or excellent and 5 out of 9 said they felt extremely confident to using new skills and knowledge, with the other 4 saying they felt very confident.

September 2018: From a member of a group of trustees worked with

It was my delight to meet you again and work alongside you. Thanks for your input.

August 2018: Series of three courses for supply staff in schools

Read a PDF summary of feedback.

July 2018: Team Management Profile Evaluation Overview

Read a PDF summary of feedback from a Using The Team Management Profile.

July 2018: Feedback from training observation for training run for group of parents and jobseekers

Read a PDF summary from a training observation.

June 2018: Feedback from 'The voice of the child in early years settings'

Read a PDF summary

May 2018: Training sessions for local staffing agency

Read a PDF summary of feedback from a Using The Team Management Profile To Develop More Effective Teams training course.

April 2018: Training sessions for local staffing agency

Read a PDF summary of feedback from 3 training sessions run for a local staffing agency whose staff work in local schools.

March 2018: Training sessions for local staffing agency

Read a PDF summary of feedback from a Using The Team Management Profile To Develop More Effective Teams training course.

March 2018: Paediatric First Aid

  • I enjoyed the course and at the end was confident.
  • Fantastic presenter, fun and engaging, highly recommend.
  • Clear and easy to follow course book.
  • Varied teaching styles were great.
  • Really helpful, enjoyed course and became more confident.
  • Jill was a brilliant course leader, I didn't feel afraid to ask her things I cannot understand and have found that very valuable.
  • I've really enjoyed the course and confident to treat first aid.
  • Overall Learning outcomes were met clearly. I enjoyed the role play showing others in the groups different injuries and what to do/how to treat them.
  • Jill is absolutely fantastic. A wonderful facilitator.
  • Lively and varied presentation, catered for all learners effectively. Links clearly made. Really enjoyed, best course for first aid I have been on.
  • Good mix of practical and theory. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative.
  • I really enjoyed the course and now feel I could confidently treat the child.

March 2018: Using The Team Management Profile To Develop More Effective Teams

  • Fun and interesting
  • Really useful insights
  • The Trainer was approachable - as always
  • The information I received before the course was very useful
  • Thank you Jill. Really useful your skill at bringing the best out comes out once again.
  • Venue was a bit cold
  • Very interesting and fun
  • Really enjoyed the course - was good fun and felt I learnt more about co workers
  • Excellent fun course - practical and debate very interesting.

March 2018: Managing Difficult Situations Course

  • Really good and useful - thank you.
  • Found the trainer to be knowledgeable and also listened to others.

February 2018: Advanced Safeguarding Course

  • I found the course really interesting and will use all the information given.  It made me think and realise that we are a really important part of children.
  • Jill has a lot of experience and good background knowledge.
  • The group as a whole have learned a lot of stuff they may not have already known.  It has helped the team to communicate more.
  • Well experienced so we can trust the source.
  • I did hope we would be informed on what you can or cannot say to children, ie naughty - let's look at some follow on training with that!
  • I found the course really helpful and learned a lot.
  • Lots to absorb but easily explained.  No digression to other areas.

February 2018: You As A Manager Course

  • Thought it was helpful to explain that there is no right or wrong.
  • Very reflective, interesting thinking about own practice.
  • Gave some really positive points for discussion and thoughts to reflect on.
  • This was very thought provoking. Self analysis is not something I find easy to do but this has helped to reinforce the process.
  • Thought provoking, time to stop and think and share experiences.
  • It has made me reflect and think about how I respond and behave in certain situations.
  • Made you think about how you are as a person and how you link to other people.
  • Well presented, timing of session, not rushed.
  • Interesting and enjoyable whilst being relevant and thought provoking - thank you.
  • Good to stop and think and refresh knowledge.
  • Excellent, thank you.
  • Thought provoking work around boundaries.
  • Definitely made me step back reflect and think more - excellent training.
  • Really useful, thought provoking on my practise.
  • Good to talk about boundaries within the work place and discuss with others on table.
  • Great - thought provoking: great to be given the space to reflect on self.
  • A good session that makes you think.
  • Really good and interesting.  Learnt a lot, thank you!
  • Made me really think about myself and my weaknesses.
  • Really good training session.
  • Has put a lot of things into perspective and hopefully help me become more of a reflective practitioner.
  • Very interesting, thanks Jill.
  • Really thought provoking.

February 2018: Effective Delegation Course

  • I enjoyed the training - a lot of information given in the time.
  • Fab as always Jill!  Very informative, good moving round the room working with other people.
  • Great session, good to share information with people who we don't usually work with.
  • Made me more aware of good delegation strategies.
  • Really engaging training.
  • Really enjoyed this session.  It was fun and interesting.
  • Really enjoyed this course, built on my skills and knowledge.
  • Great session and very practical.
  • Fantastic as always!  Great to re-visit and have issues put into real terms that people can identify with and to learn some new nuggets of information.
  • Two hours not enough!
  • Excellent training.
  • Good that the training involves group work - good interaction.
  • Really made me think about me delegating to staff jobs and not doing everything myself.
  • Really good training, lots of different tasks to do which makes it really relevant to my job role.
  • Very good.  I like the fact we were moved around to work with different people and it kept me interested.
  • Interesting.
  • Very useful as I am a new manager.
  • Good opportunity to reflect and think of different ways of approaching delegation.
  • Very informative, would be nice to have a little time to discuss current struggles with other managers.
  • Good and informative as haven’t been in management role that long.
  • Enjoyed the training.  We covered a lot in 2 hours.
  • Interactive, well presented.  Useful tasks that you can really relate to.
  • Well planned training - to timescale clear timescales.  Trainer interacted with all in room.
  • I liked the discussion of different approaches towards delegation.  Didn't realise there were so many!
  • Informative, clear, Useful.  Good to work in a group/s.  Interesting.  Different views of others – helpful.
  • Re-assuring take techniques already used one appropriate and gave opportunity to reflect and gain new ideas.

February 2018: Outdoor Paediatric First Aid (Refresher)

  • Really good course, very hands on and interesting. I feel more comfortable in delivering first aid.
  • Thank you I feel more confident.
  • Really good to recap and go over what you would do if you found a casualty, makes me more confident if I had to do it in the future.
  • The refresher helped me to remember how to do the procedures correctly and how to keep a casualty safe.
  • Everything was taught really well, grasped a lot of knowledge – thank you.
  • Made me realise the top up is very useful and brings it back again.
  • This refresher has made me realise how important it is to recap more often.
  • It brought back lots of memories from the initial first aid course which was a much needed reminder! Outdoor info useful to watch out for potential dangers.
  • Tonight has jogged my memory and made me feel a lot more confident.

Kevin Pearce Children's Centre

To read evaluations from a recent workshop run for the Kevin Pearce Children's Centre, click here (PDF).

Paediatric First Aid November 2017

Which words best describe the training?

  • Enjoyable x5
  • Informative x6,
  • More confident x6
  • Motivated x4.


  • Fab tutor as always Jill!!
  • A nice mixture of activities (practical/theory). More real life experiences linked to children. Good to know support still there after completing course. Thank you.
  • Thank you Jill, I was so anxious about doing First Aid but you have made me feel at ease and have really enjoyed it.
  • Jill was very energetic which helped me stay involved and concentrate on the course. I can tell she is very passionate about what she does which helps.
  • Very informative and enjoyable.
  • It is good to know we can contact you if we have had to deal with any serious incidents. Thank you.

Northowram Kids Club: November 2017 Paediatric First Aid

Words chosen to describe the course:

  • More confident x 5,
  • Enjoyable x7
  • Informative x7
  • Motivating x7


  • I've done quite a lot of PFA courses over the years and found this one to be interesting and enjoyable. Not once looking at the clock.
  • Small group so not going off at tangents. Kept interest with different scenarios.
  • I feel a lot more confident about first aid now. The course was taught well by Jill and very clear to understand.
  • Enjoyed the course very much.
  • I would like to book Jill to deliver the Safeguarding course next. Feedback from members of my team are very positive and they are happy to continue with further training with Jill because they enjoy it.
  • Really informative course and I feel my first aid knowledge is now greatly improved.

September 2017: Feedback from course run for school staff specifically focussing on behaviour management for children with additional needs

21 delegates –overall feedback very good with 100% scoring the course as very useful!

Specific comments included:

  • Very knowledgeable, lively and interesting
  • Made us feel very welcome and had a good knowledge of the subject
  • Excellent engagement with trainees
  • Fab
  • Was able to back up theory with appropriate personal experiences
  • Lots of practical advice
  • Excellent communication skills, very enthusiastic
  • Reminded me of good practice
  • Good subject knowledge
  • Engaging
  • Interactive
  • Kept the energy up

August 2017: Paediatric First Aid Course delivered to local nursery staff and community members

  • It has been an extraordinary experience on this course. Jill and Steve have been great at explaining in a very detailed manner. I have enjoyed it and I feel a lot more confident. Thank you.
  • Very informative and delivered well.
  • I'm very happy. Thank you.
  • Fab course. Enjoyed it very much.
  • Feel very confident at the end of the weeks. Thanks so very much.
  • Thank you very much I feel much more confident now with First Aid.
  • When it came to a real life emergency Steve dealt with it amazingly and kept calm and kept all of us calm.
  • Steve and Jill did everything they could to help and get a staff member through who had English as an additional language. They were amazing.
  • Good course feel more confident and it was fun being informative.

Feedback from pilot project providing training for supply staff in the education sector: Joint project with SEB Training Services, July 2017

85 attendees completed questionnaires. Attendees were asked to score out of 5 the delivery of training, approachability and knowledge of the trainer. This evidenced a high level of satisfaction:

Participants were then asked to indicate if the training was as they expected, would they recommend it to others, and an overall rating.  Percentage who agreed is shown below.

For those who said the content was NOT as expected, many of the comments were very positive including …’much better’…’learnt a lot more…’ ‘more information than I expected…’

Feedback from session with staff team looking at Team Management Profile, July 2017

What was the most useful part of today?

  • Having an open discussion with all member of the team about how I work
  • Receiving our TMP profile (x3)
  • Comparing our profile with others to see how we are and how we work
  • Discussing our strengths
  • Learning how others like to work

How will what you have learnt help you in your role?

  • Awareness of how well the team works together looking at our preferences
  • It has helped me with career development (x2)
  • I can see we all work differently but also work as a team
  • To communicate better
  • A greater understanding of the teams strengths and ways of working

Any other feedback on the day?

  • Kept on track well to timings – good pace
  • I like the interactive parts
  • Not boring!
  • Some of the team activities in the morning were a bit slow
  • Was not sure about standing in lines as did not always agree with my preferences
  • Very energetic and upbeat, never a boring moment
  • Very fun, educating and inspiring
  • Very good training
  • All great!
  • All useful – excellent thank you!

Paediatric First Aid 1st and 8th July 2017 Northowram

  • Very good, detailed and helpful course detailed for my needs having not done any first aid training before. All questions and queries answered and made clear.
  • Very enjoyable.
  • Really enjoyed the course and thought it was very well planned. I learnt a lot of new skills and was a good refreshing session as I have done first aid before.

Advanced Safeguarding Course: June 2017

This course was held in Sheffield for a group of childminders.  It was held over 2 twilight sessions, with work to be completed between the sessions.
Participants were asked:





Do you feel the aims and objectives of the course were met




Did you consider the tutor to be approachable, knowledgeable and confident in delivering the above course?



Very friendly, keeps it fun and interesting

Was the course content as you expected?




Were the resources and handouts useful to support your learning?




Please add any other thoughts…THANK YOU!






Thank you I enjoyed the course
Brilliant resources
Really enjoyed this – good refresher and learnt new  things
It was a pleasure to work with Jill
Although this was an evening course Jill kept us awake with lively course
Plenty of information (x2)
Kept it interesting (X2)



Do you have any other training needs we can support you with?


Behaviour management  x 2
Prevent x 2

ITC Level 2 Award In Food Safety In Catering: Tuesday 25 April 2017

This course ran for a group of childminders in Sheffield. They consistently scored the course at 5 out of 5…and comments included:

  • Very well taught, motivated throughout even though at end of a long day
  • I really enjoyed the course and found the learning method fun
  • Really enjoyed the course, set out well and enjoyed the learning method – thanks!

North Halifax Partnership Area Away Day: Managing Challenging Situations

Read the Evaluation Report from the above March 2017 training event.

Paediatric First Aid Course: 16/17 February 2017, Blackley Centre

  • Excellent course contents with a good blend of interactive involvement.  The Trainer was brilliant in bringing the course come to life, interesting, informative and fun.
  • Was a comfort level to know that on-going assessment was underway rather than an end of course exam.
  • The book is very well laid out, user friendly and informative being written in layman's language.
  • Small group which I felt was good as work was checked more closely.  It was good to have the ‘tick’ sheets so you know what you had missed, so could then go back and re do until it was spot.
  • It was great to finally do a First Aid course that was run during the day and through the week.
  • Thank you for a good 2 days.
  • Liked have a lot of practice, on CPR to reinforce it in different situations.
  • Like the group size – more one to one and really understood everything.
  • Good through the day and week days for the course
  • Like the physical joining in.

Food Hygiene Course 6/2/17 - Candidates Evaluation Comments

12 attendees all of whom gained the qualification

Positive comments

  • Excellent and enthusiastic course delivery.
  • Loved the portfolio.
  • I liked that there was no exam at the end and that we were assessed throughout the day.
  • Was good. Jill was a really nice instructor. Was nice to not have to do an exam.
  • Enjoyed doing a portfolio instead of an exam as am no good at exams. Would do other course when they come available.
  • Enjoyed the course, liked how the portfolio was created. It was really well organised and well run. The material was good quality and easy to follow. The trainer was very positive and knowledgeable and easy to understand and follow.
  • I have enjoyed course. Thank you very much.

Learning Points

  • Maybe some posters to see things better.
  • Just one photo of the kitchen was hard to see.

In response to the learning points…we are ‘blowing up’ the picture to A4 so that it will be more clear  - thanks for the feedback!

A recent audit to a local voluntary organisation

We would like to pass our thanks on to Jill.  She was very thorough and professional but also put staff and service users at their ease.  It was a joy to meet Jill and to have her as our auditor.

Paediatric First Aid Course at a Local Huddersfield School 8/9th September 2016

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it extremely informative. Both Jill and Steve were very engaging explaining everything very clearly. Many thanks to you both.
  • Excellent course. Learned a lot and lots of practical experience to embed and retain what we learned.
  • A very enjoyable two days! I particularly enjoyed the scenarios.
  • Good group work and feedback after a task.
  • Very informative, a good mix of discussion and practical interaction. Lots of repetition of things to help remember procedures etc.
  • The course was particularly good because there were 2 teachers giving us 2 different learning styles and sets of experiences. The fact that is was 2 days meant things could be covered in more depth than usual.
  • Course was fantastically delivered. Loved the assessment methods - hate exams!! Really found the practical elements very useful. Thank you!!
  • This was an excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very informative. I felt challenged and motivated but quits scared to do it incorrectly. It has also made me think about how to action things further. Thank you to both Jill and Steve.

A group of residential care workers in a children’s home July 2016

Positive Feedback:

  • The training kept everyone involved throughout which was really good.
  • The course was delivered in a very relaxed format, making me feel very comfortable.
  • It was a very informative course (x3)
  • I was surprised at how educational and interesting the course actually was.

Feedback for Next Time:

  • I felt there was too much moving around on the day.
  • There could have been more information on the process after diagnosing a young person with an eating disorder.

How to address a young person with a suspected eating disorder.

A group of around 20 managers undertaking day 1 of a 2 day bespoke management course July 2016

Specific positive feedback:

  • I had time to reflect on my practice and on my team (x2)
  • I enjoyed moving around the teams also having time in our own work groups.
  • I enjoyed the group activities/ideas (x5)
  • The moving around and mixing with different deputies and seniors was something I really enjoyed.
  • I felt it was beneficial spending time with senior team (x2)
  • The style of training was excellent.
  • The training allowed for great networking opportunities with other staff.
  • It helped me to reflect on myself and my role as a leader/manager.
  • I only attended for the afternoon which was great as it allowed me to recap on my management qualification training.
  • The training really allowed me to see that other team are facing similar issues in leadership and management.
  • I enjoyed the session as it allowed me to identify my weaknesses as a manager and ow to make changes.
  • The course was really good at identifying and explaining boundaries between staff and management.

Clients were then asked what they would change for the second day, or if they were to repeat the course again
Changes/next time:

  • More content on how to deal with conflict in a team (x7)
  • I would have liked an earlier start time (x2)
  • Dealing with complaints from staff
  • I would have found more advice on effective time management useful.
  • I would like more strategies with how to deal with conflict, as in specific plans (x2)

Paediatric First Aid Course May 2016

I recently ran a Paediatric Course for a small group in Northowram - what a great course it was. Feedback from the participants:

  • 'I thought this event was very good and would definitely recommend!'
  • 'I enjoyed being part of a small group - felt like we could practice more and questions were answered quickly. It did not feel like a classroom environment so was less formal and more relaxed which made it more enjoyable rather than being bored'

Interestingly, one participant commented that she had last done the course in a group on 30!! We would feel this is far too large - we work on one tutor for 12 candidates - and the learner in question said how much more you learn in a smaller group.

Bradshaw Scout Group May 2016

A really new venture for Jill Webb Training working with Steve Booth (SEB Training)…30 Explorer Scouts and Leaders needed First Aid training for their roles which include voluntary leadership, Duke of Edinburgh Award and leading varied trips and expeditions.

The ‘Frist Response’ Scouting and Guiding qualification was delivered by 2 tutors over 3 evenings, totalling 6 hours teaching.   As this number of participants was a new venture for us, as was delivery of this qualification over 3 evenings, we asked every learner to feedback one positive thing and one which they would change if we ran the course again.

Overall, feedback was really positive, with young people and adults alike being pleased to have gained the qualification and finding it useful to do in a usual meeting time rather than at a weekend.

Specific positive feedback:

  • I learnt a lot – excellent course – interactive (x 4)
  • Practical and hands on (x3)
  • Explained well and easy to understand
  • Clear step by step instructions made it easy to understand (x3)
  • I liked the way the session were planned out
  • Interactive, checked everyone understood, liked short sessions (x2)
  • Because it was interactive it was memorable/ participation helps me to remember
  • Clear instructions – great teachers
  • Lots of information on real life situations
  • I liked the way we were reminded of what we had learn so we would not forget
  • Liked having different teachers with different approaches (x2)
  • Interesting – very good and well explained
  • Liked everything (x3)
  • Engaging course
  • I liked doing the COR on dummies (x4) and liked the AED demo!

In response to …what could we change to make the course even better for you…

  • Nothing (x12)
  • Nothing except more time
  • Longer course with more time (x3)
  • Time to go through more conditions in detail
  • Time to try out the AED and abdominal thrust aid (x4)
  • Course in one day (x2)
  • Chance to work in smaller groups
  • Reduce written tasks (x2)
  • More different methods to learn DRSABC and reasons for unconsciousness (x2)

Lots of really useful feedback there – well done and THANK YOU to all at Bradshaw Scout Group Halifax! A great bunch of people!

April 2016 Feedback from a client supported with business planning ... a joint piece of work with Acumen ...

'Thanks for sending on the final documents..the text and model you and the team have developed will be key to our future planning and development of this product and we really appreciate the expertise you all contributed to this...'

Feedback From ‘Communicating Effectively’ Workshop March 2016

For 21 members of a number of teams who work across sites but need to be in touch with each other regularly…
Each participant was asked to score (on a scale of 1 to 10) how confident they felt with communicating effectively before the workshop and then at the end. 20 out of 21 participants rated their confidence as having increased by at least 10%, with 5 participants saying their confidence had increased by 30% or more.

Team members were asked what the best thing about the workshop was:

  • Relaxed environment (x2)
  • Fun and interesting (x2)
  • Feeling involved
  • Very active and everyone was involved (x6)
  • Meeting new staff members and getting involved
  • Tutor was interesting and engaging – lots of food for thought
  • Enjoyable
  • Trainer was clear and interesting
  • I learnt how communicating affects others and how first impressions count!
  • Very relaxed, relevant and good content
  • Sharing scenarios, thoughts and ideas
  • Moving about – not just sat down (x2)
  • Variety of activities….jam packed….
  • Engaging trainers
  • Lots of new tips for communicating effectively

Team members were asked what they would change about the workshop:

  • Nothing (x18)
  • Make sure all managers do this course! (x2)

Every participant could identify at least one thing they would do differently as a result of this workshop,…including

  • Practice my empathy skills
  • Think about the use of emails
  • List to other people better
  • Take 5 mins for a walk or destress at lunchtime

Feedback From Paediatric First Aid Course March 2016

As with any accredited course, a formal evaluation was completed and forwarded to ITC First who externally verify the qualification.
So I asked the students on the day for some feedback for my website…and here it is
What did you like best about the course?

  • Good practical to reinforce skills
  • This helped you to remember what you had learnt by repeating techniques
  • I loved he really interactive approach]
  • The course kept focussed
  • Repeating the scenarios helped to remember how to treat the patient
  • This course has given me more confidence
  • I am more confident now
  • I loved the interactive scenarios

When we next run this course what should we change?

Feedback from our March 2016 Confidence Building Course

This course ran with a group of parents at a Children’s Centre.  8 parents attended, and:

  • 7 out 8 felt it helped them to understand what self-esteem is and how to build this;
  • 8 said it helped them to identify stress and understand better how to manage it!

And perhaps most important…all those who answered would recommend this course to other parents and rated the course as very good or excellent

Good training is about making a difference…so great to get this feedback and I hope all the parents are working on the ideas we exchanged! 

Feedback from our January 15th 2016 Emergency First Aid at Work course

Great day, feel more confident and able to assess a situation better now...

The course does what is says on the tin - helps you to know what to do in an emergency

Brilliant course - recommend it to anyone, very enjoyable day

The scenarios threw you in at the deep end but you realise you are able to deal with them to your own amazement

Tutors were friendly and made the course really enjoyable

Worked with an organisation who provide services for a local authority

Client feedback: Just wanted to thank you for yesterday I've had a brief look through the evaluations and it was all very positive feedback I will send these onto you when I get chance early next week hopefully. You even managed to get staff involved who usually  shy away from these kind of activities so that was excellent. It was quite amusing to see everyone been so competitive!!

Worked with a voluntary sector organisation who provide services for a local authority

This work focused on supporting a manager new in a role.

Client feedback: Jill has really supported me in beginning my new role, she has shared her wealth of knowledge and experience and given me the confidence to be able to carry out my role effectively.  I appreciated her non-judgmental support and the opportunity to talk through some of the areas of the role.

Some sessions for parents delivered in Childrens Centres in November 2015

Client feedback: The staff were very happy with how the sessions went and say thank you for the information.

Used the Team Management Profile to work with  an office team to develop from a good team to a great team!

Client feedback:

  • I have a better understanding of how to approach others and how to work to their strengths
  • It helped me to understand what makes people tick
  • I have learnt to ask other for help in areas where I am not as strong
  • I enjoyed your lively style and found the tasks interesting and stimulating.  You explained the concepts well.  I felt comfortable enough to share openly
  • The pace of the day was good – I did not feel rushed or as if the day was dragging
  • The day was divided into clear sections which I found useful.

Worked with a local church to deliver safeguarding training for volunteers

This  involved a session for adults and one for young people.

Client feedback: Jill made our safeguarding training interesting and fun we all got a lot out of it.

2023 Compliance course analysis for ITC (Awarding Organisation) courses

  • 101 forms returned
  • 99% of learners scored the course overall at 5 out of 5
  • 100% of learners found the trainer to be approachable
  • 100% of learners thought the trainer was knowledgeable

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