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Working With Parents Level 4

From September 11, 2024 09:00 until September 11, 2024 17:00

This is an advanced course suitable for staff or volunteers who work with parents, eg a family support or early intervention worker or someone who works with parents in a school or other setting.

This course is for practitioners with knowledge and understanding around their roles who wish to develop their practice through reflection and research. The course considers the partnership model of working with parents and principles and values of the work. It then moves on to analyse how to build an effective relationship with parents, including the roles of reviews and endings as well as looking at some of the challenges. Learners will develop an appreciation of what reflective practice it and how this can help them to develop.

The course requires learners to have safeguarding knowledge and an understanding of child development as a pre-requisite for the Course.

How is the course quality assured?
The course is delivered by Jill Webb Training and is externally accredited by CPD UK

What is the time commitment?

50 hours - 28 hours taught time (usually over 4 full days) with a minimum of 22 hours home study.
Optional tutorial support is available to complete the portfolio.

How is the course assessed?

During the course learners develop a portfolio from class work and work between sessions.  This is the basis for the assessment against the learning objectives outlined below.

By the end of the course learners will have developed the following competencies:

  • Define what is meant by reflective practice and demonstrate how this improves outcomes for families
  • Explain the principles and values which underpin their work with parents
  • Identify what makes an effective relationship with parents
  • Demonstrate that they can develop effective relationships with parents
  • Explain how they sustain effective relationships with parents
  • List key challenges when working with parents and how these can be overcome

Feedback from past courses

  • I have enjoyed the course, it has allowed me to look at myself and the way I do things and, learning from people within the groups.
  • Good to learn the theory behind how we work day to day.
  • I liked learning about the Family Partnership model and reflecting on how it relates to my practice
  • Family Partnership model is really interesting and will be a really useful tool in the future
  • I found the activity around roles and responsibilities session with a view to working with parents and children really useful.  The activity will help me to include them and assess change.
  • Interesting session, learned about co-ordinating Team Around Family for complex needs family – practical session, very helpful
  • This course will help me set firmer plans and outcomes with families
  • This course has helped me to reflect more and remember to reflect on my action plans with families
  • This course has helped me to become more professionally curious
  • I have good professional boundaries, but it was good to revisit these and learn more about why they are important
  • Good examples were used to make the content and information easy to relate to
  • The PowerPoints and handouts were very relevant
  • At the beginning of the course I didn't think that I would have completed it but down to your support I did so thank you very much ….. I'm really chuffed!

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