Working with a large Housing Association in the South West

I had previously undertaken some training with this team focussing on the Safeguarding Management Group.  I was asked to plan and deliver an hour session which staff could log into over lunchtime.  The aim of this was to raise awareness for all staff in any role of the potential safeguarding issues they might face.  As this was attended by over 50 staff, it was a briefing rather than a training, and it was a  new venture for me.

Feedback from the organisation’s Safeguarding Lead.

For me and for the staff who attended many of whom I know, I think the level of the talk was spot on. I liked the legal context because without even saying it, it gives a reminder that you can’t just see and not act, particularly with children.

The examples were useful and good to get people engaged – also loved the positive way you reacted to examples as that will increase confidence that people can do this - particularly for a few names who I don’t think sit with Support – so really helpful to see them given positive feedback.

Thanks so much for this – really worthwhile and thanks for confirming the positive feel for what we do. It just helps when I am nagging people about the importance of, and need to, fill in the form properly

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

WYYFRSWest Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service had a need to train staff who work in the various support services in first aid. As there were a number of staff needing the training, and numbers per session were restricted by COVID, the decision was made to book out a week’s first aid training. Either myself or my colleague Steve were available to teach each day, and we set up a room for the full well with all equipment, social distancing and cleaning processes in place.

The advantage to the client of having the full week’s training blocked out was that they had 8 places to use per day and could send the staff who were available on that day, working round college commitments, leave and last minute emergencies.

A total of 35 staff members undertook and gained the one day Emergency First Aid qualification (Level 3 accredited course).

Feedback from the client:

Gary Speak – Stores Manager: ‘I have spoken to several individuals in both Workshops and Stores and it appears the course was very well received. As the course was designed for our specific requirements (1 day) individuals commented that the subject matter was relevant and very useful however others would have preferred a more in depth course to cover head trauma, broken limbs, epilepsy for example.  (This has now been planned as a follow on). Some individuals commented that they were reluctant to attend but actually warmed to the training and commented on the way Jill made it enjoyable, I didn’t pick up on any negative comments and the feedback reflects that. This is a credit to you as I know you have put a lot of thought and energy into this project, you, Jill and Steve have made this a total success.’

Richard Chapman – Fleet Controller: ‘Would just like to say that I really enjoyed the course and the way it was presented, it was informative but at the same time relaxed.’

Julie Wright – Training Administrator: It has been a pleasure working with Jill in respect of planning and arranging the daily sessions within a week that was blocked out for members of the Transport & Logistics team to receive EFAW training. She was extremely organised, efficient, responsive, adaptable, flexible, obliging, friendly and approachable to any ideas and suggestions we put to her. She was also very sensitive to any personal requirements made of her and responded in a very professional manner. Jill was extremely receptive to our COVID policies and procedures, ensuring the equipment used and layout of the room was within both our Organisations and her guidelines which resulted in the course attendees feeling more confident and at ease when attending the sessions. I look forward to working with her for any future first aid training requirements we may have as she made my job so much easier and her charging structure is great value for money!’

On another occasion I was able to work with a small group of colleagues to provide two last minute first aid courses for the WYFRS. This also involved sourcing venues when I was pleased to use local community venues ‘ keeping the Yorkshire Pound in Yorkshire!

Friends of Dorothy

We requested a bespoke training as a young charity on safeguarding and Jill really came through. She was approachable, knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions and talk us though more complex points.

North Halifax Partnership

Jill was delivering Paediatric First Aid and Introduction to Childcare level 2 when lockdown was announced. Both these are accredited courses and the parents had put so much time and effort in to finding childcare to attend these courses and in some cases had found voluntary placement and done a large amount of voluntary hours to aid their qualification which they stood to lose when the school closures and lockdown were first mentioned. Jill sprang into action and within days she had a plan which meant all participants could complete the courses, gaining the full qualification. She did this with little help from myself or our organisation which was amazing as I like everyone else had been thrown in to turmoil and had so many courses to rearrange, cancel and parents to inform, but Jill cracked on. The continuation of courses had to be done on a one to one basis over the internet which meant a lot ( and I mean a lot) more hours of work for Jill but the parents attending our courses were so grateful and we received so many emails asking us to thank Jill for going over and above.

I would recommend Jill to anyone ( and have done so already prior to this) she delivers first class quality courses and the parents and participants really like her. Jill has written and delivered bespoke courses to meet with our needs and always has a fantastic completion rate and her response to the lockdown situation just proves to us how valuable she is to have on board as one of our certified trainers. We are currently working with Jill to see what other courses she can deliver entirely online as this lockdown situation continues.

Sticky Fingers Preschool

Thank you so much. We really got a lot out of the training with you, more so than previous trainers and under the current circumstances that really is a complement to how professional you are and how much effort you have clearly put in to make these training sessions work. We will definitely continue to use your services going forward.

Local Authority Manager

Having used Jill to roll out information sessions to schools and childcare settings on the new 30 hour offer, we would highly recommend her work. Her delivery style met the audience needs which was friendly, professional and knowledgeable whilst checking in their understanding throughout the session. Everything we discussed in the planning meeting was effectively and efficiently delivered, including evaluation and a comprehensive end of project report.

From a manager who I offer external supervision to...

Jill is now an invaluable part of my working routine; she gave me the structure to take a critical look at the way I plan my time and has helped me reorganise, so I am much better able to manage the ups and downs of a variable and often unpredictable workload.

From beginning with helping me to recognise the number of commitments I already had in the yearly cycle she gave me the tools to plan ahead more effectively. We now meet regularly to review and refocus or assess changes that crop up and she's always practical in her suggestions and generous with insights and comments that help me to leave each meeting feeling inspired and motivated to tackle the tricky things.

I am employed full time as a Minister of a church with responsibilities to serve the congregation, the local area and also wider roles within the church organisational structure.

From a manager who I offer external supervision to...

I spend an hour each month with Jill who supports me with work priorities. I find the hour with Jill sets things in perspective and particularly gives me time to talk through and unpick the tensions and stresses I see in situations. Very often they are of my own making and working through in a focused way with prompts, insights or suggestions from Jill helps me step back and look at the things that are going well, not just the tricky areas that worry me. I always leave feeling better about the coming weeks and know what will be a priority or a key event to focus on first. Thank you!

From a large firm who I worked with on a number of local contracts...

Thanks for everything you have done – all of the projects have been great and all of your contributions have been excellent.

From a client for whom I delivered a course November 2018 (Equality and Diversity)

We have received great feedback from the course you took, many thanks.

From a member of local community group in Halifax

Fantastic day today Jill - you kept everyone engaged and focused and really feel that I, and the whole group, learnt a tremendous amount. The practical way of learning was amazing and repeating the process until we were confident without feeling hurried in any way. Fab way of learning. We will highly recommend your course to any groups that may require similar and will also look towards other courses you have available.

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